How I’m Watching For SCOTUS Decision on Marriage

SCOTUSIt is 6:30am PST on Monday June 24. Today, again, we are waiting with bated breath for the decisions from SCOTUS (“Supreme Court Of The United States,” for the uninitiated) on the Windsor and Perry cases. They may be announced today at 7am PST (10am Eastern). Or they may be announced later this week on Thursday or another date added by the court.

Here is how I’m watching:

I have one browser window open to It is a live up to the second blog posted from the gallery of the Supreme Court on the decisions as they are announced.

I have another browser window open to Within seconds of the blog announcing an opinion is being released today I can hit reload and a link to an electronic version of the decision will be posted there.

Here is the blog post I wrote last Thursday about how it feels to wait for this:

Enjoy the excitement and watch with me!!!


2 Comments on “How I’m Watching For SCOTUS Decision on Marriage”

  1. catherine says:

    Thank you for going to this trouble … it saves the rest of us (me) from the bother. I look forward to your prompt updates

  2. From the Chief Justice: Tomorrow (Wednesday 6/26/2013) at 10 a.m. will be the last day and we will release all the remaining opinions. TOMORROW IS THE MARRIAGE DECISION – DAY OF DECISION!!! TOMORROW IS THE RALLY!!! GET YOUR PERMITS AND PLAN YOUR EVENTS!!!

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