About the campaign

A video campaign of interest to fellow bisexuals wishing to dispel the myth that it’s a phase: Still Bisexual

About the campaign.


2 Comments on “About the campaign”

  1. Thanks for helping get the word out, Toby! Would love it if you made a #StillBisexual video. 🙂

    • I plan to do so. I just heard about it today. Would love to tell my story. This is what it might look like (draft):

      In 4th grade I crushed on a boy… and a girl…
      I didn’t know what that was called.
      I learned the word “Bisexual” later.
      I was always Out of the Closet
      My mom hoped I’d settle down with a nice woman.
      I had relationships with men.
      I had relationships with women.
      I met HER -> at a bi support group. (arrow pointing to wife standing next to me)
      We’ve been happily married for over 11 years.

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